Any other way to use the sd card with the teensy 3.

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I recently recieved the teeny 3 but i was wondering if you can use an sd card without the standard sd card slot that is sold by pjrc??as it will cost a lot to ship to England :mad:
You also don't need the PJRC adapter as most of the stuff on there is for voltage level conversion. The exact model on the PJRC SD card adapter is Hirose DM3D available for a handful of dollars at Mouser, or Farnell at your neck of the woods.
Yup, for Teensy3 the 4 signal wires can just connect directly, since both the SD card and Teensy3 use 3.3V signals. The power pins can connect directly too, since Teensy3's 3.3V output is enough for any modern SD card.
Exactly, Nantonos!

For short SPI wire runs, you ar elikely fine attaching the SD card directly to the hardware SPI port pins on the Teensy 3. However, for longer wire runs, you may either have to consider termination or reducing the speed of the SPI bus to achieve a good signal. FWIW, I am using 120Ohm source terminating resistors even though my wire run is relatively short.
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