Any Teensy 3.6s out there?


Hi, this is kind of stupid, and I hope it's allowed here... but I'm trying to source a Teensy 3.6 or two. I used them as a basis for a simple measurement circuit in academic research back in ... well, at some point in the blur of the pandemic when I couldn't go to the lab and measure things myself. Not that this would help with that, but I had always wanted to make this exact circuit, and suddenly had the time to do it. I ordered a few bare boards and hand-soldered them on the coffee table whenever I wasn't too busy doomscrolling or randomly bleaching the groceries. Crazy times, but my cat really seemed to enjoy it, and this was pre- chip shortage, so he could eat all the ADCs he wanted.

When I finally got back to the lab, I only ever put one of the boards to use, leaving several left over. It turned out to work great, though, and I recently planned a new experiment that would need more measurement channels, knowing I had the perfect spare circuits ready to go.

For a bit of background... I haven't been able to park a car in my garage for two decades because of all the perfect spare circuits, leftover parts, obsolete cable assemblies, and half-finished contraptions I've strategically collected over the years. Whatever I need, it's definitely somewhere in there. And finally, this one time, a lifetime of increasingly debilitating hoarding disorder would pay off.

Or so I thought, but it turns out I actually need to up my hoarding game, because I can't find a single 3.6 anywhere, and without one, I can't use these boards.

Wondering if anyone here has a spare 3.6 or two they could part with. I realize I can buy them from scalpers on eBay, but I really don't want to. This is a matter of principle, not cost. I don't care how much you want, so long as it takes you at least 20 minutes to find it, squeezing sideways between teetering stacks of boxes. So long as you can then parade it triumphantly before those who had dared question your wisdom and foresight in the past, or asked you why these little electronic breadcrumbs had to go in the garage instead of their new car. Perhaps they are narrow-minded, or perhaps they simply can't see the bigger picture through their hail-battered windshield, but this... this could be our moment of glory.
Just the other day I found one 3.6 and several 3.5s we never sold due to minor cosmetic flaws.

Also found one 3.2. While it has passed testing (and was put in a small box of minor flawed boards we wouldn't sell), the cosmetic flaw is a very visible cut of about 1mm material off edge of the PCB.
Thanks Paul! If anything, cosmetic damage sounds like a plus to me.

Please let me know how I could order... like, could I place an order for a 4.1, and just write a comment asking for the 3.6?

For what it's worth, this was the project:

Email me directly. Put the link to this thread in your mail. Or reply to any PJRC email from any orders and Robin will forward it to me.