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I know that some of this has been asked before, and from following the Arduino Developers email stuff I know some of these like questions go round and round. But since I just again ran into issue again I thought I would ask.

Suppose I experiment with several different Arduino like boards, mostly with T3.2, but from time to time with some others like Edison, or Adafruit Pro Trinket... How should I handle different libraries?

Current example: I have used Neopixels both on T3.2s and on Pro Trinket. So I install latest Arduino/Teensyduino which includes installing a copy of Adafruit_Neopixel library, which works great when compiling for T3.2s, but when I try to compile for Trinket, library not found. So I install Adafruit_Neopixel library into my Arduino\Libraries folder and it is happy, But now when I compile for T3.2, I get a warning, that the compiler is now using the one I have in Arduino\Libraries and not the Teensyfied version.

Also I am get warnings. Also now when I load Arduino it says some of my libraries are out of date including Adafruit Neopixel. It says I have 1.0.3 installed and current one is 1.0.5. So next question is, if I click update, does it update my User one or does it update the one in the Teensy install or the one in my Arduino\Libraries?
The way I do it under Linux I have separate release directories for different processors. I have a single directory that I install Arduino releases to. I install as sub-directories, several Arduino standard directories (one for each version of the IDE), I have several sub-directories for Teensy releases, and in the past, I had separate sub-directories for ATtiny85, Squarewear, etc. Then I do a cd into the appropriate directory, and do ./arduino.

For the libraries, I keep my version of the libraries in a separate directory, and I have a perl script that make symlinks in ~/Arduino for the libraries. The script has an option to skip libraries in the Teensy release. So, when I switch from Teensy to Arduino, I just re-run the script without the Teensy option.

Mostly though, I solve it by only doing stuff with teensys. :cool:
Why would one bother about Arduino stuff since Teensys are available?

Because I happen to have them around, and installed in something that I want to update. Note, I have not used an actual Arduino Uno for at least a year, but I do have a Gemma, some Trinkets, some Digisparks, and 2 Squarewears lying around, plus some raw ATtiny85 chips. Occasionally, there are things where having a 5v processor avoids having to do level shifting.

Also note, there is one area that Teensy doesn't handle on its own, namely wi-fi support, and for those things ESP8266 chips that have wi-fi built-in would be simpler to use. I have a bunch of digispark Oaks that I picked up from the kickstarter campaign, but so far I haven't done anything with them, except update the firmware. If you wanted to do a simple IoT (Internet of Things) gadget, it is simpler to use a ESP8266 chip and program that, rather than putting an ESP8266 on a Teensy, and have the Teensy use serial commands to access the web.

I also have a few Raspberry Pi's that I've mostly just done camera setups with. I just received the new zero and new camera that I hope will be a lot better than the original camera. I keep meaning to combine a teensy and a Pi, to allow the Pi to do real time control.

I also picked up a pine64 during its kickstarter campaign, but afterwards, I had second thoughts about, so I'm not sure I will actually boot an OS on it.

Basically in terms of microprocessors, I have something like ADHD -- oh look, squirrel!

BTW, I don't own one yet, but I do like the Adafruit Feather boards that have an integrated li-po battery socket and charger on the board. Yes, there is Onehorse's board, and also Adafruit li-po backpacks, but it still takes extra boards. And in some things, the extra board might add too much space.
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Why would one bother about Arduino stuff since Teensys are available?
As Michael mentioned, because I am a processor horder ;)

Example of when I last played around with Pro Trinket: Was a simple setup that I was playing around with to add a Neopixel to each hand of my HROS1 biped, where the processor hooked up to the AX-BUS and emulated a servo. (Also have Teensy version as well). The advantage for Pro trinket here was, VR says it can handle 12v (lipos 3s). Also Neopixel appears to need +5v signal to work reliably, so on Teensy version added level shifter (like LC). Actually LC would be great for this...
I'm afraid I don't have a great answer for these Arduino limitations. When you install a library in the sketchbook folder, it overrides any library of the same name from all other locations. That's the way Arduino is (currently) designed.

Except Arduino 1.6.9 does something special with the architecture spec in, which I do not yet fully understand. It might also have some bugs, like the issue with Servo on Teensyduino 1.29-beta1 (will be fixed in beta2 and final release).

Hopefully future versions of Arduino will provide better ways to customize libraries. But Arduino's system has already become very complex, and much of the code they've added in the last 18 months is very complicated (perhaps overly so). Perhaps it'll become even more complex to add such features?

In any case, this is really an Arduino issue, and not one I'm eager to jump into. At least not at this time. My focus for right now is a more powerful Teensy, and even after it's released, I'll probably be focusing on improving software support for its far more powerful features, like the SD library redesign I started some time ago....
Is Arduino really going towards PlatformIO and the two other as yet not integrated dependencies it has? As was said in Hackaday interview?
Will that change the build concept?
Was that said by or

So far, only 1 of those 2 companies has demonstrated the ability to develop the software side. Regarding software, I wouldn't put too much confidence in anything the "other" guys say.
Thanks Paul,

Probably the best thing in this case is to hopefully make sure that your changes to the Adafruit library have been incorporated in their versions...

Yes mainly Arduino issue. On things like this is it better to raise the issue up on the forum? Or the developers mail list? Never received any response on the Arduino forum on my last question about ARM64 support.

And yes Please work on the new Teensy!
On things like this is it better to raise the issue up on the forum? Or the developers mail list?

Use the developers mail list for discussion if you haven't got a specific solution, or github issues for specific proposals. Don't bother with the Arduino forum for dev stuff.
Was that said by or

So far, only 1 of those 2 companies has demonstrated the ability to develop the software side. Regarding software, I wouldn't put too much confidence in anything the "other" guys say.
I can't find the link to the interview done by Elliot Williams. I think it was at this most recent hackaday conference. Both Companies exhibited?

The interview touched on the legal battle status (no news, stalemate) and their new push to promote ST *and* Intel's Quark and not Atmel/MCHP. And (IMO) naive adulation of Platform et al.
I have this problem in spades now since I am working with and/or developing Arduino cores for ESP8266, STM32L4, and nRF52 as well as the K20. So far the IDE has more or less done what it is supposed to but it sure complains a lot about multiple libraries and libraries needing update, etc. Having separate folders for each MCU is one solution but keeping track of everything is becoming a nightmare!
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