Arduino R4 Support Possible?


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Since the new Arduino R4 series have DMA controllers, would it be possible to port the OctoWS2811 library to the new R4 series?
I've been reading up on how to use the DMA controller, but haven't been able to make much sense of it yet.

Are there plans to port the library to the new R4 boards?

I'm hoping to drive 1200 WS2812b LEDs, with a refresh rate of around 60 frames per second. I'm currently able to get 60 frames per second with 450 LEDs, but the more LEDs I add, the slower the refresh rate becomes. I understand this is because of the protocol timing to set the LEDs, and I feel my only option is to drive several strips simultaneously, like the OctoWS2811 library does.

Would porting the library to the R4 boards be a possibility? Or am I better off buying a Teensy board or using a few Arduino's separately to drive the LEDs?

Would appreciate any help/direction you could give me.
Since this is the Teensy forum, the obvious recommendation would be to consider using a Teensy to drive your LEDs (I use the Teensy 4.0 for my customized LED strip under the canopy of my RV), as it does the job very well.

Mark J Culross
Maybe you should just buy a Teensy and use it to drive those LEDs? OctoWS2811 is non-blocking, so you can use serial communication between your Uno R4 and Teensy knowing that Teensy will be able to receive and process whatever messages your R4 send while the LEDs are updating.

Yeah, adding a Teensy board does have non-zero cost, but it's not much compared to thousands of LEDs and the power supply, cables and physical construction that in practice almost always comes with connecting so many LEDs.