Audio shield synoptic


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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a synoptic to help you understand how teensy works. However, I can't find how the signal that arrives on the audio shield with a microphone on the MIC pin then goes to the teensy? Is there a CAN or something? Thank you for your answers :)
The tiny microphone analog signal goes into pin 15 of the SGTL5000 chip on the audio shield. That chip turns the analog signal into digital data. Teensy sends 3 clocks (LRCLK, BCLK, MCLK) to the SGTL5000, and the SGTL5000 transmits the digital data to Teensy pin 8 aligned in sync with the 3 clocks.


On the Teensy side, receiving and use of audio input by microphone is covered in this tutorial, starting on page 16 in the PDF.

If you scroll down at that page, you can find a full walkthrough video if you prefer to see (and hear) rather than read the PDF.