Audio Shields delayed by SD socket shortage


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The Audio Shield has been out of stock for some time, so I thought I'd post a quick update.

First we couldn't get the 32 pin version of the SGTL5000 codec chip. So we bought the 20 pin version and redesigned the PCB. The 20 pin part works fine. The only loss is the ability to configure the alternate I2C address.

Then we recently discovered we have a supply chain issue with the SD socket. For years we've used this same SD socket on Teensy 3.5, 3.6, 4.1 and all versions of the Audio Shield. A large number we ordered back in April, which were originally promised for November and then rescheduled to December aren't coming at all, we just learned only days ago.

Fortunately, when we heard they were rescheduled, I started another redesign of the audio shield. By the time we learned no more SD sockets were coming, a prototype had already been built. Robin & I decided to put all the remaining SD sockets into Teensy 4.1 production. This is the reason Teensy 4.1 is in stock today.


We're expecting the first production batch of Audio Shield PCBs within a week or two, which use both the 20 pin SGTL5000 chip and the new SD socket. Usually PCB assembly lead time is 3 weeks, but the Christmas and New Year holiday (all PJRC products are assembled in the USA) can disrupt the schedule.

Realistically, we're looking at middle of January for the new Audio Shields to become available. Once the PCBs arrive and they're in production (here in Oregon, USA), and the initial audit of all the parts is completed, we'll have an accurate date.

Teensy 4.1 will also soon transition to this new SD socket. Those are likely to come near the end of January or first weeks of February. Our hope is the production using up the last of the old socket will allow Teensy 4.1 to remain continuously in stock until a batch using the new socket can complete production. If they do run out of stock, it won't be for very long.

Eventually Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 will get the new socket too. But we are expecting long delays on the main chips for those boards, so they may not return until late in 2023 or perhaps even 2024.

For everyone waiting on the Audio Shield, my hope is we'll get them as soon as possible in January and manage to keep them in stock throughout 2023.
Indeed the new SD socket is not good for AOI (automated optical inspection) but with the market we're in today and basically no warning the parts we ordered 8 months ago aren't actually coming, we just didn't have much choice. Almost all the other SD sockets are too wide to fit, or a plastic shell rather than metal shield, or tiny and don't really hold the card very well. Fortunately this one that's pretty similar was actually available.

We do fully test every Audio Shield which involves putting a real SD card into the socket during the test. I'm pretty optimistic it will work out, since the only problems we've ever had with SD sockets is (very rare) physical damage during handling. They have always soldered very well.

We almost never rework boards. If it fails, keep a log book to track any info (like which vendor made the PCB, which location on the PCB panel it was during solder, etc), and then it goes into a storage box never to be seen again.
A Teensy 4.1/Audio Shield project that has long been in the works is expected to progress beyond the handful stage around February. It's a "Software Defined Transceiver" (Amateur Radio). The actors behind this have been known to hang around this site at times, asking questions, although they have their own forum on
I'll provide a link about the kit if you are curious. Each unit will require a Teensy 4.1 and an audio board (purchased separately). Although I suspect many that are needed have been purchased (and some may already on your list of backorders).

- Wes, W5ZZO
Yes, but pre-orders will open only a matter of days before they return. It won't be a special pre-order process, just the normal buy button will return to web page a few days before get them restocked.

Long before that point, once they're past the earliest stage of production, we'll have a pretty accurate idea of the date. I'll post an update on the page when we know. About 5 calendar days before that date would be the time to start watching for the button to return for pre-ordering.
Audio boards without SD socket

Regarding the lack of availability of SD sockets for the audio boards, I'd be delighted to get a couple of audio boards without SD sockets for my Teensy 4.0 projects. Is there any chance of you producing boards without the SD socket?
Unfortunately, no, it's not really feasible. Modern PCB assembly process involves substantial setup cost which get amortized over a large number produced as a single batch. Making just a small number just isn't realistic.

It is possible while making a large batch to build some without certain parts. We do that for Teensy 4.1 with the ethernet chip, mainly because earlier this year the chips were unavailable. But it only possible to be made that way as part of a large batch.
But if you need only 1 audio shield, I can help. I have a few on my desk right now which are prototypes I personally hand soldered. The PCB is purple because it came from OSH Park. If you want it, just email me directly (paul at pjrc dot com) and I'll send you a special link to buy it.
But if you need only 1 audio shield, I can help. I have a few on my desk right now which are prototypes I personally hand soldered. The PCB is purple because it came from OSH Park. If you want it, just email me directly (paul at pjrc dot com) and I'll send you a special link to buy it.

I sent you an email. Thanks for the very speedy response.
This is great news! Thanks for all your work on this. If you had to guess, does it look like mid-Jan or end of the month for open size orders?
I'd guess Jan 23 or 30 for any size orders to ship. But that's just guesswork, as normal production is queued up but not yet started. Within days we should have a pretty clear idea of when boards will start coming out of production.
Just confirmed production is scheduled to complete by Jan 23. Unless something goes wrong (pretty unlikely now) we should be able to ship large quantity starting on Jan 23.