Barcode serial number verification. Read two separate usb barcode scans, and if they match send it through keyboard HID. Teensy 3.6


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Looking to hook up a usb barcode scanner to the second usb port of a teensy 3.6. Will be scanning a serialized item barcode and a printed label with the same serial barcode. If the two scans match will send through keyboard HID to a computer.

Anyone aware of a project with similar bone structure that I can start from?…or any challenges/pitfalls to watch out for?

Can’t put software on the computer so that’s why I’m looking for a ‘hardware’ solution.
Have you already selected the bar code scanner? Many of them work as HID keyboard, which is already supported by the USBHost_t36 library. If you get one that requires special driver support, especially a model which has proprietary drivers only published for Microsoft Windows, that could end up making this project much harder (virtually impossible without a painful deep dive into learning a lot of USB stuff).