Bat detector

Hi Sam,
DId you look at the specs of the audioshield ?
That tells you all about how this works. We use the SPU0410 in conjunction with that board.

Hi Cor,

Yes, I've read. My question is how do you wire the SPU0410 to Teensy? I am using SPH0641LU4H-1 incorporated in a PDM interface ( How can I wire this ? Do I have to make my own PCB?
You can see at Edwins site how its wired (look at the parts section). Its very simple and its easier when its allready on a PCB as these are tiny microphones. The SPU is thus simply wired to the microphone input line on the audioshield. Using a pre-amp can be handy. But this is depending on your own design and application.

BTW: the SPU0410 documentation on Mouser also shows you how these microphones are connected.
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If you really wanted to use a PDM microphone (e,g. using the elecrow breakout board) you should first understand what PDM really is. Next, I would check how the board is interfaced to the STM32L4 board. Further, I would implement the CIC filter and resampling algorithm from the STM32 board.
I guess, you can do the PDM bit-stream to digital word conversion in software, or get yourself an ADC board that accepts also PDM microphones. TI has some chips. AFAIK, the SGTL5000 is not one of these.
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Version 1.71 seems to still cause intermittent issues when using Deepsleep. Several people have experienced that the machine did not recover from deepsleep without first switching it on/off. The cause of this issue is currently unclear and since its intermittent its something that is difficult to solve. The most likely solution will be a complete rebuild of all the new functionality but based on the V1.6 code that does not have the deepsleep issues. If you use deepsleep a lot, start using V1.6 to make sure you dont loose recordings.