Beginners Questions Again regarding Debounce and Vu-Meter

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Hi Paul

I thank you for this response... you have to excuse i didn't study electro engineering nor do i have the experience. The second thing is what i'm trying to get.

A lot of stuff happening with electricity doesen't seem to be logical for me. Or doesn't seem at the first place.
My favorite example is the protection diagramm for a relais.

It took a while for me to understand whats going on here. It took a while until i really understood that the first power source can be ignored (as soon the switch is not closed) but the relais itself gets to be the source when the induction gets released. I could have build it much earlier. I had all the information which i needed to fix my problem with the relais but i did not understand what's going on.

So the same is going on with the capacitors, i try to really understand them as far as my practical project allows me. If something seems not logical to me i wan't to dig deeper. But i'm fine with your answer it's a bit like in programming, some rules are not hard. So thanks for your response and pointing out i'm not missing something basic...

Regards Sev
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