Bit-bang multiple I2S inputs simultaneously

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Paul, first of all I want to thank you for your awesome job on the audio library and teensy development. I was wondering if you were able to get tdm input working and/or if it's in your development road map.
I checked the quad output example and was wondering, does the 10ms delay to parse the header cause the files to be slightly out of sync ? If so, would there be a way to get them to sync ?
Hey there,
Thank you for all the support on this thread, I've really learned a lot here, starting with the great tutorials! I am working on a project that requires a 4.1 channel output of audio. I was successfully in getting 4 channels to work with the Quad audio shield and a teensy 3.2. I was wondering if the dac can be used as the extra 5th channel, and if so, what would be the right way to approach this. All my attempts have created all sorts of little bugs in playback.
Yes, just use the quad I2S output and DAC output.

If you're having trouble, we can try to help, but you've got to post a complete program that demonstrates the problem.
hi, did u manage to implement sound localization on teensy?

What was the accuracy? what localization method did you use and how did you go along with it?
Ok, here is it, with a boring passthrough example!

The design tool has been updated too. :)

Go forth and process 4 channel sound. And if you do anything interesting, please contribute a less boring example sketch!


I just want to record through 4 i2s input with teensy 3.2 and save the data to pc. Currently, I am able to record through 1 mic using the usb output in the audio design tool. Can I expand this to 4 mics? Or must I implement the AudioInputi2sQuad? If I were to do so, which output do I connect the quad audio input to such that I can save the audio data to pc (like recording it through audacity) ? Thanks!
Hello! Does the quad channel solution works with the new teensy 4.0 and with TEENSY4_AUDIO shield?
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