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I am designing a custom Teensy 3.2 application and will be sending out to a CM for board population. I am wondering if the Teensy bootloader chips (specifically the ML02) are packaged in a way that a CM could easily use them. Ideally this would be something like Digi-reel or at least in a tape, but of course I know these must be removed from the original packaging in order to program the bootloader. Anyone here order these before in quantities of, say, 10-15?

For larger orders (100+), we package the chips in waffle trays. Most CMs can use those trays in an automated way.

Recently we cut 1/4 size trays for the MKL02 (but not MKL04), which we're now using to package smaller orders. The 1/4 size tray fits nicely in the smaller cardboard boxes we have, which weigh in just under the USPS threshold for cheaper shipping. Where the "small" order line for one of those trays versus loose in folding anti-static foam packaging happens to be depends on Robin's whim. If you ask her nicely in the "additional instructions" comment box on step #3, or reply to the confirmation email with 6-digit order number in the subject, odds are good you can get the 1/4 size tray for only 10 pieces. The trays used to be scarce, but we have plenty now. Again, that's only trays for the MKL02... for the MKL04 you're almost certain to get them loose in folding anti-static foam since we sell so few of those larger chips to get special packaging. For the MKL02, just ask Robin for packaging in a tray.
Perfect info! We will be ordering at least 100+ at a time and was curious how to go about this. Thanks!
How we package the MKL02/MKL04 chips depends on a variety of factors. The MKL04 chips are almost always packaged in folding, anti-static, cardboard boxes. If the order is for only 1 - 2 pieces, there is a good chance the chips will be individually packaged. For the MKL02 chips, the 1/4 trays are a relatively new thing so I'm still figuring out when to use them versus the cardboard boxes. Sometimes it depends on how many chip orders we are working on at the time. Okay, maybe the packaging decision does depend on my whim. :) I'm always happy to try to accommodate requests when I can, unless you ask for tape and reel packaging. No matter how nicely you ask, it won't happen. We individually program each chip, usually at the time the order is received, and do not have the resources to put the programmed parts into tape and reel packaging.
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