Bug in AudioOutputTDM2


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Just found this one, after a lot of head-scratching. I've done PR#472 for it. The copy from the 16 incoming audio blocks to the output buffer was copying twice as much as it should have, so the second half (presumably garbage) was overwriting memory either currently being DMAed out, or not belonging to the class at all. For me it was just causing weird glitches in the output audio, but I could see it causing all sorts of unstable behaviour if the link placed data differently. Looking at the commit log, this bug has been present for nearly 5 years! Clearly nobody uses this much...
Wow thanks ! I think you saved me hours of searching for a bug in my code and/or PCB when there was none.
So, I can confirm that this solved an issue where noise was present on all outputs of a codec connected to the TDM2/SAI2 port overwhelming the signal.