Burned teensy 3.1, can I replace mk20dx256?

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I have burned 2 teensy boards. One was working just fine, but something nasty happened during copter crash, so board is fired, last one I burned 10 minutes ago with a wrong transistor connecting (12v on a digital pin).

I can get one mk20dx256 brand new and (hope so) it's possible to place it instead of original. Is it worth a try? Will it work?
We're pretty swamped at the moment so we've taken to calling them high tech fuses as we're changing them so often. High voltage hot plugging doesn't play well with electronics
First, remove the MK20 chip and visually inspect to check if any of the pads or traces were destroyed in the desoldering process.

Then apply regulated 3.3V power, to the 3.3V pin and GND, and check if the MINI54 (Teensy 3.1) or MKL02 (Teeensy 3.2) is still alive. Watch the DC voltage on PROGRAM and RESET. Both should be at 3.3V normally, and both should go low to nearly 0 volts when you hold the pushbutton.

If both those signals respond, solder a new (blank) MK20 chip. If the pins are soldered properly, your Teensy should work again.

If the pads or traces are destroyed or the MINI54 or MKL02 doesn't respond, discard the board. Don't waste a perfectly good MK20 chip.
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