Buying Simple Teensy-based Synthesizer


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Hey Everyone,

Hoping this type of post is allowed. I'm building immersive audio-visual experiences with Teensys (Teensies?) and FastLED and in one of them, I'd like to give people the ability to combine sounds/tracks with sliders/knobs/buttons. One reason we'd like to use the Teensy is that we could load sounds/tracks on a microSD card and wouldn't need a nearby laptop accompanying a commercially available midi controller.

I've seen so many projects like this get posted here but some of them I think are too complex for a public installation. Ideally, instructions would not be necessary and you shouldn't need to be a musician to get it working. I'm imagining something like ~5 buttons over ~5 sliders and maybe a few knobs to control lows, mids, highs. I'm on the verge of making it myself but I've seen some really impressive work on here and if I can save time by buying one from one of you, that would be awesome.

If you're interested, please get in touch here or with a DM :)