Call to arms | Teensy + SDRAM = true

That would be great.
Just programmed it with variant DB5 Code4Code @582 MHz and it's running happily with the enhanced MCU Volt clockspeed.
15028110 nor ns: @582 Completed CASCADE Count 4000        deg  C=46    Pass#77
Cascading took 5880247 us [3400431752 piCycles] : net 37581 us
Direct calls took 5849642 us [3403198224 piCycles] : net 2223 us

Got two labels and prepped a box - just noticed not 4PM - local shop will take it to town ... off I go

- back 18 minutes later ...will get to Post Office today in time to head processing to be on the way ...
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Been slowly testing the cameras - so far only 3 tested since we have both CSI and FLEX. Will add to this list as I go through them

OV7675WorksOnly 'n' option works reliably, Video Pixelates fast like bytes are swapped every other frame
New for 7/11/24
HM0360YES'f'-snapshot have to hit twice to capture, 'm and M' works but issues with SDRAM usage,
GC2145FAILS TO START?'f'-have to hit a couple of times to grab image, 'm/M' works but every other image looks like bytes are swapped, 'n' works [happens whether using sdram or not]
Note: 'V' doesn't work at all in case anyone whats to know.
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Has anybody tried to get USBHost working yet? I see three pads by the UBC connector that are unconnected. One outer pad seems to go to USB OTG connector and the outer pad on the other side seems to the power supply next to the blue connector. Am I correct in assuming I need to jumper the center pad to one of the outer pads the get USBHost power?
I bridged the OTG pad and center pad, Tested wireless mouse, keyboard and USB stick. All seem to work as expected. Copying files between two USB drives and SD card times are about the same as the T4.1 and MicroMod...
@Dogbone06 did you make any updates to accomodate this comment?

I'm looking at what I believe is the last version of the schematic/pcb posted, but I think i need to connect cc1, cc2, dp, and dm from L10 (the IP6520) to USB2 as in this schematic found elsewhere on the net:
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That said, I have no idea where the 50k pullups mentioned in this comment are supposed to go:

For reference, I tried deciphering the datasheet from the component's custom properties but the language barrier is proving to be problematic, and I don't see any pullups on the "simplified application schematic" from the datasheet:
View attachment 35005
Finally, regarding the SD card, do you think it makes sense to add the additional components as shown in the MIMXRT1060_EVK Design files?
View attachment 35003

Seems like lots of additional complexity if what you already have is working fine, but figured I'd ask while I'm tweaking things. In my experience with sd cards I've had some success and some failures, so I'm just hoping to get it right this time around.

Thanks for any help, and sorry to keep pestering you.
The CC pins human error was fixed on the Gen5 board. It's just that CC1 and CC2 on the IP6510 and the USB-C needs to be connected together.