Camera with Teensy4.0



I want to build a vehicle control with one Teensy4 and two Teensy3.2. They should communicate with each other via I2C. Teensy4 is to operate a camera, one Teensy3.2 additional sensors and the other the actual control with navigation.
I don't make high demands on the camera, but I want to recognize simple objects in the close range. Would the OV7670 camera be suitable? Has anyone had any experience with hardware and software?
I did not try my hand with T4 yet (will wait for T4.1); at the time, I successfully recorded video from OV7670 (no fifo) to SD with the Teensy 3.6. My software was based upon this sample project by Craig A. Lindley:

Afterwards I ported the software to OV 7725. Was able to record 320x240@9 FPS.
This was just capture and write to SD, without object recognition.

The T4.0 is vastly superior to the T3.6, so I guess you should have enough power to add a simple object recognition.