Can I get a faster sample rate from Prop Shield IMU?

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I have a Prop Shield hooked to a Teensy 3.2. Out of the box,
it appears that the sample rate of the IMU is about 100hz,
when I query it with the NXPMotionSense library.
So the max delay between a detectable event and a reaction
to the event is about 10ms.

ATM I’m working on a gesture-based musical instrument,
where a 10ms delay between gesture and reaction starts to be a problem.
The data sheets for the accellerometer and gyro both claim that they’ll
do rates up to 800hz. I assume there’s some trade-off between sample
rate and measurement accuracy, but I’d like to know how to
increase that sample rate, if it’s possible.

If it helps, I’m only using the accelration at the moment. I don’t
think I’ll ever need the altimiter data at all, and maybe not the
gyro data either.

Thanks for any advice,
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