Can I use the RawHID example in a Teensy 2.0++ arduino sketch?

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I have a box with a serial LCD, (using serLCD.h), and 5 buttons and a switch. It receives a +5 pulse from a custom radio
when a radio signal is received.
I'm using a nice Maxim MAX6818 debounce chip for all of the switches and the pulse through a 3904. (works great).
My code is an arduino sketch that uses several interrupts and turns LED's off an on based on input and prints to the LCD.
All of the interrupts are calling their ISR's and I simply use the ISR's to set a boolean saying I received a certain interrupt
and check these in the loop(). All sections are working as expected.

So for the next step I want to send a message to a windows app when I receive an interrupt from the radio pulse.
I would like to use RawHID to do this. Is it possible to use RawHID in a sketch?

I've only use arduino sketches so far, so if it isn't possible, I can take the plunge and convert my sketch to c....
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