CAN XL in Teensy 4.1

Looks like CAN XL was only released in 2022, later than iMXRT1062, so probably not? The quote below is from the iMXRT1062 reference manual. No mention of CAN XL.

The FlexCAN module is a full implementation of the CAN protocol specification, the CAN with
Flexible Data rate (CAN FD) protocol, and the CAN 2.0 version B protocol, which supports both
standard and extended message frames and long payloads.
I see. I didn't know that. The thing is that I need a lot of speed. Which is the max speed of the FD CAN bus?
The max speed of CAN FD depend on the topology. I've managed to get 8Mbps in a point to point topology.
The theoretical max speed of CAN-FD is 8Mb/s so what SK Pang got is as high as you're likely to see. CAN-FD can also have up to 64 byte payloads as opposed to CAN.

CAN-XL is EXTREMELY NEW. I'm not even aware of any readily available hardware you could use to produce a CAN-XL board yourself - only expensive commercial tools. The existence of commercial tools suggests that some options for hardware must be out there. But, you're unlikely to see much of it in open source for a while yet.

It looks like the theoretical max speed of CANXL is 20Mb/s which is about 2.5x the max speed of CAN-FD but with the lack of any available hardware to actually implement it, options are sparse.

In reality, if you need that sort of speed, use automotive ethernet. It is much better supported. And, you can do it with a Teensy 4.1. You just need an automotive ethernet transceiver connected to the ethernet pins of the T4.1 instead of a standard ethernet transciever.