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Hi i am a new user of the teensy 4.1 but how i can know if my teensy its locked or not?? I know it's a stupid question for you but I just raised enough money to buy it before he used the uno r3, esp 32, raspberry pi pico and 8bit to 32 bit boards and more with that huge power it's a huge but interesting difference I'm 15 years old but I love this world all response is welcome
Lockable Teensy comes with a white lock icon stamp. They're also packed in an anti-static bag that says "Lockable" and has the lock icon printed on the bag.


If your Teensy 4.1 lacks this stamp, then it's standard Teensy which can never be locked.

If it does have this stamp, it came unlocked from PJRC. Whether it is locked depends on whether you (or anyone else) has locked it. To check, use Teensy Loader. If it is locked, you must open an .EHEX file (created using the key matching what is inside Teensy) first to be able to gain access. No file is needed if it's unlocked. Click Help > Verbose Information. Make sure Auto mode is disabled, so Teensy Loader doesn't immediately try to program this Teensy. When you press the pushbutton on Teensy, lines printed in the Verbose Info will tell this is a Lockable Teensy and give its security status.