Cannot upload program to teensy 4.0 with VSCode PlatformIO on Fedora37


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I am just switchting a project over from an arduino to a teensy 4.0. I am working on Fedora37 on a framework laptop running VSCode and PlatformIO. I can build and test the program that I am working on and was running on the arduino but I get an error when I want to upload it.

I get this in my Terminal:
Opening Teensy Loader...
Teensy did not respond to a USB-based request to enter program mode.
Please press the PROGRAM MODE BUTTON on your Teensy to upload your sketch.
*** [upload] Error 1

I also tried to press the teensy button in different ways. Just once, 15sec and right when I plugged it in but none of this made a difference.

I am wondering if it can be related to the fact that on my PlaformIO Devices it says No Items. Should I see the used USB Port there? Or do I need to define the port somewhere?
Did you install the udev.rules on this machine?
I thought I dont have to since PlatformIO is handling it. It also opens the Teensyduino window when I click on Upload in VSCode.
But will try another cable, but I think I have used it with teenies before but will check.
I would double check the udev rule, as when I install teensyduino directly for Arduino IDE, on Ubuntu, I have to manually copy the file to the right location.

Edit, and I would also maybe see what the linux tells you when you plug the teensy in.

like plug in the teensy and do a command like: sudo dmesg | tail -30
or other commands like journalctl (sp)

And does it recognize the teensy
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Ha! I was downloading the udev rule and copied it in the right folder and now i get a sccess instead of an error when uploading the program. but it still seems the arduino is running the blink program. or i got messy with wirering the components as i moved from arduino to teensy. need to double check.
haha actually it works!!! I just selected the wrong programm that should be uploaded in Platform IO. It was actually set to the blink project :D Thanks for helping out!