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Hello, I re-did my circuit board. and it worked before together with a featherwing 3.5, but I am getting Zero readings from my 4 thermocouples. Max31855 type K,

I used two seperate SPI lines on the teensy4.1 pin 27 for the CLK1and MISO1 on 39
all 4 max31855 Are connected together on this bus. Chip select is on 36,37,38,39.

The other SPI which I use for a featherwing 3.5“ is on the standard Pins pin 13CLK, MOSI11,MISO12, DC=10, CS=9;

For both SPI lines I have two seperate constructors and with different settings. As similar done from the SPI page for the teensy.

How can I set a different SPI channel for the thermocouples?

In the void setup I declare all the CS pins as HIGH.
I get an error on SPI1.begin(); which is located in the void setup. Do I also have to set the beginTransaction in the void setup? And in the void loop? and close it to? Or do I have todo it differently? Because I am getting Zero readings from my thermocouples.

Just want to know what the write way is in Syntax for a Setting up a SPI connection

Did any changes occur on the SPI library?

Many thanks

beginTransaction is only for when you are actually transferring data so you do not need that in the setup. I had a problem using MISO1 and pin 39 and it was because I did not call SPI1.setMISO(39); Maybe try that if you have not already?
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