Collection of 4358 single cycle waveforms in .h files formatted for teensy audio


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Hi everyone

i have converted the AKWF free collection of single cycle waveforms to the teensy audio format, they are ready to use as AudioSynthWaveform with the WAVEFORM_ARBITRARY mode in a 256 samples .h file for each one, the original 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV file from the AKWF collection, the Mathematica notebook used for the batch conversion and an example on how to use the files on the audio library.

Teensy audio library extra waveforms:

AKWF free collection

Waveforms Visual Index

greetings, sound long and prosper
Hi @shaitanbaali,

This is very useful for me - thank you! I am currently working on a class that can generate arbitrary waveforms as a sum of sine/cosine functions.

However, my class is internally based on floats and not 16bit integers. For this I will have to convert the values.

Thanks, Holger