Custom Teensy 4.x, using RT1061 instead of RT1062


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I know the Teensy 4.0 bootloader chip has yet to be released, but when it does, would it be possible to create a custom PCB using RT1061 instead of RT1062 ?
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Following up on this question. I just realized I bought 10 units of MIMXRT1061DVL6B instead of MIMXRT1062DVL6B haha that's what rushing does ... I undertand both are part of the RT1060 family but I don't see any intrinsical difference i might be missing something. Would the MKL02 bootloader chip still work somehow ?
RT1061 might work, or might not. I don't know. I haven't tested. As far as I know, so far nobody has tried RT1061 and reported success or failure.

If I were to guess, I'd give it better than 50% chance. This isn't a situation like RT1064 which definitely will not work. My understanding, only from reading NXP's documentation and never having used the actual part is RT1061 should be pretty much the same as RT1062 but with some non-essential peripherals disabled. But please understand that's just guesswork. Also know we've found plenty of errors and omissions before in NXP's documentation. But my gut feeling guesswork is the odds seem good.

I'd recommend just getting at least a few MIMXRT1062DVL6B chips, since distributors have it in stock today. Maybe build a couple boards with each chip. If you do, I hope you'll share the result with a photo. As you can see on the bootloader chip page, we did get a report of success with the high temperature part and I added a link to that forum thread. Will do the same if we get a confirmation RT1061 worked for you. But the only way to find out is to build a PCB and test. It's a minor gamble, as the non-working case really there's really nothing to be done other than call it a loss, so I'd definitely recommend buying at least a couple RT1062 chips to build alongside those RT1061 in case they don't work.
Thanks for the detailed answer.
Got it, I'll proceed with the 1062 for my first trials and throw in the 1061 along the way. I promise to report back with results if any when I get them :)
One other thing to double check is the flash chip. It's documented on the web page, but just to repeat, the Winbond parts ending with "Q" definitely do NOT work. You must get the Winbond flash chip with "M" at the end. With so many other parts, letters at the end are less important details. But with the flash chip, this letter on the end of the part number is absolutely critical.