Damaged Teensey 4.1


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In my Robot Arm project, I damaged a number of Teensey 4.1's

I was wondering about fixing a board with some donor boards I have on the side....

The damaged board can flash the blink program by holding the boot button with power. It intermittently connects and disconnects to the computer/USB.

I see about 4.95 volts on the 3.3V pin. Never 3.3V anymore.

I'm wondering if its just a regulator problem or the board is probably too far damaged at this point from the 4.95 volts to attempt smt surgery?
Looking at the schematic the 3.3V pin is connected directly to the processor power input pins.
If it's been fed 5V on the Vcc pins then it's probably toast, the datasheet absolute maximum for those pins is 3.6V. Even if changing the regulator appears to fix the problem I wouldn't trust it.