Design Project//Audioplayer//Teensy 4.0


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Hey everybody, I am working with a group to create a retrostyle game. I am in control of the audio and have never had much exposure. Before I complicated things, I wanted to build a basic prototype of an audioplayer that plays wav files from the microSD card for sound effects in the game.

The components I am using are.. Teensy 4.0, 1 Watt 8 Ohm speaker, A REV D Audio shield. I have the teensy stacked on top of the audio shield, and I have 2 wires soldered into the audio shield. A red wire on the 'L' of the line out and a black wire on the 'G' of the line out. The positive wire goes directly to the positive terminal of the speaker and the ground goes directly to the negative of the speaker.

With my test file, my code worked great at first. It was playing clear music although it wasn't loud. Once I tried to play other files, it quit working. So I decided to test my test file again and it didn't work. The code verifies and uploads, but nothing comes out of the speaker.

What caused this, and going forward, how can I successfully build this prototype?