difference between midi host and midi device modes ?

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I am getting confused with usb midi "host" and "device" modes.
I have read here that the built-in micro usb is configured in device mode. It can send and recieve MIDI. So what is the difference with the 2nd usb "host" port, which is also bidirectional ?
What the normal use of each port ?

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From my experience (definitely not an expert), when plugging the Teensy into my PC using the primary microUSB connector, I am able to use the Teensy as a MIDI device (input from the Teensy & output to the Teensy) recognized by MIDI programs running on the PC. In addition, I can plug other MIDI devices (MIDI keyboard, another Teensy acting as a MIDI device, etc.) into the Teensy host USB connector & use them as MIDI input to the Teensy (they send MIDI messages to the Teensy) and/or MIDI output (they receive MIDI messages from the Teensy).

Hope that helps . . .

Mark J Culross
The terms 'host' and 'device' modify USB and not really MIDI.

Unless you're trying to host a MIDI-controller via USB you don't need to worry about the 'host'.

(And if you are maybe start with a simple controller project first :) )
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