Digital Guitar Effects with the Audio Toolkit

I was wondering, before I prder a Teenay 3.6 and an audio board if it could be something possible to achieve (I guess it could) and especially how to make sure the inputs will be right. Impedance wise, a guitar input is very different from a line input. How would you adapt the input and the output of the audio board to match a guitar stompbox typical specifications?

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks a lot for the pointers! I think I’ll be able to get what I need in there!

Another question: would that be possible, with the library and the teensy, to use another DAC and do higher sample rates? Like 48 or 96khz? Maybe even floating point audio?

Technically, a lot of things are possible. Use the forum search function to find some flora extension which someone started creating for the audio library. And if nobody did already what you need exactly, it’s up to you to develop and contribute it here. ;)