Display images using LVGL library - Teensy 4.0, SdFat, SDIO microSD card


Hi... I would appreciate some general advice and a pointer to any examples that may have been developed.
I am working on a GUI project using the great LVGL library and would now like add features to display images on the 320 x 480 TFT. I am using Teensy 4.0 using SdFat.h/SDIO to read bitmap images from a microSd card reader. I already have a card reader hardwired using the pins on the underside of Teensy 4.0. The display itself runs fine with HX8357_t3n.h and SPI.h.
I have come across a handful of examples of displaying images using LVGL which use SD.h and SPI for the card reader, but wonder if there is any advantage of trying to use SdFat and SDIO with LVGL.h?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.:cool:
OK...sort of weird I'm replying to my own question in case it helps others.
In searching the LVGL Forum I eventually came across the following chat..
This offers useful information in relation to the questions I posed.
I have been able to use the example sketch to display images using the function lv_img_set_src(img, "S:Filename.bmp"), but not by opening and closing files using the alternative method given in the sketch. With this info I was able to satisfy what I wanted to achieve.
Hope this helps someone else at some point.
In "lv_fs_fatfs.c" I'm getting an error that ff.h is not found. I'm using the sdfat library and I set LV_USE_FS_FATFS 1 . Is there anything you had to do for that file to be found?