Diy euclidian polyrythmic sequencer

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I am new to this forum and also very new to all synth diy stuff. I recently fell onto this project which seemed fun to do but then when I got into the code it was a little more complicated :

There is a file into another file that my main arduino file can't find. So I am kind of lost as to how I can compile all of this onto my arduino nano to start the project. The hardware part looks simple but the software side seems just too complicate to compile and put on my arduino, the always seems to be some sort of error.

Could anyone give me a hand? Or better, has anyone done the project?
Are you using a Teensy board? This forum is about Teensy.

If you're using Arduino Nano, you should probably ask on Arduino's forum.

Obviously for advice specific to that particular project, ask on that Electro Music forum.

On *any* forum, when you have a specific technical problem, the way to get help is to show the problem. Screenshots or an exact copy & paste of the error are always a good idea. A clear description of what you're actually doing and exactly which code you are using is also usually needed.

Especially when you post on Arduino's forum, remember to include that sort of info. Nobody will be able to help you if you omit key details. Usually more people will want to help if your message has those sorts of details which paint a picture of a beginner earnestly trying & struggling to make a thing work.
I'm working on a euclidean sequencer, but not based on that arduino sketch full of callbacks and confusion. I just built an lfo, trigger it once a period, and read a character from a table of euclidean patterns to determine whether or not to play the note.
I am almost complete with my Teensy 3.5 euclidean sequencer for eurorack. Should have the code sorted in a couple of weeks

I have some code available on GitHub for the stand alone version which might be of use to you:

the main three euclidean functions are taken directly from
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