Dual Robot Arm Controller


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Not really intending this to be a blog post, but thought I'd share since the Teensy 4.1 really is what makes it work. I've added two arms to my robot and use a controller I designed around the Teensy4.1. The controller has four brushed-dc motor drivers (TI DRV8874) and four single-line serial ports for control "cheap" hiwonder bus servos. Some of the servos run off 12V and others 6V (depending upon torque rating) so I divided the serial channels up (left 12V, left 6V, right 12V, right 6V). There's miscellaneous GPIO/etc. that I wired to two PWM servos (to control the pan and tilt of the robot's camera) and turn on and off fans that blow on the servos since they tend to get hot when holding position.

All in all it went ok except for a pinout mistake because I used a easyEDA "user-contributed" schematic for the Teensy 4.1 and I didn't check it well enough. I ended up having to parallel the left and right arm 6V servos onto one single serial connection. Besides that mistake, it went as planned.


This is a link to FloydTheRobot moving his arms.