Duplicate library of FreqMeasure to measure signals on two pins for Arduino Mega


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I had a need to measure two different oscillating signals on a single Arduino Mega using the FreqMeasure library. Based on some old posts (1,2,3), it seems like this has been a need for other users as well. I ended up following the advice from some of those threads and made a duplicate library so that you can measure oscillating signals on pins 48 and 49 of an Arduino Mega. While upgrading hardware and using FreqMeasureMulti is a better solution, hopefully this may be useful to anyone else who needs to get it working in a pinch with just a single Mega.

The new library is a duplicate of the existing FreqMeasure library with renamed variables, classes, etc. and measures signals on pin 48 for a Mega (instead of 49). To use the library, you simply call member functions of the "FreqMeasure_p2" object instead of "FreqMeasure".