effects quick disable


Hello, is there a quick way to turn off effects? I've been setting them to values that sound relatively close to passthrough, but I'd like to be able to just completely disable effects. I'm using the teensy 4.1 with Rev D audio shield.

(The built in Freeverb with reverb at 0 and damping at 0 sounds different from passthrough, to be similar its around 40ish % for both settings. I want to just turn it off.)
I'm pretty sure all DSP effects are disabled by default - but Paul Stoffregen can tell for sure.
Just curious: where did you read about "Freeverb", "reverb" and "damping"? Could not find these words in the SGTL5000 spec.

Typically, no. Your best bet is to use a mixer as a switch, connecting the dry signal to one input and the effect output to another. Note that a gain of 0.0 or 1.0 is very efficiently dealt with, so you won’t be adding significant CPU load by doing this, though the design topology will look messy. Also, doing this will not add latency to your processing chain.