Eight track stereo sampler, with long samples, mangling and FX, is this feasible?

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Hello, this is my first post please bare with me, English isn't my first language.

I have a project in mind which is similar to Elektron's Octatrack, although I have never used one, but from description it seems very similar. I have some experience in programming but only very little experience with boards (arduino). Teensy seems to be the only possibility so far, except one thing, the RAM. I have a few questions regarding this, if you could help that would be amazing:

1. Would the DSP more or less be fast enough for eight tracks stereo with around 26 simple FX all together? Each track can play one sample, cycle trough samples or jump within one sample. Plus timestretching/pitchshifting. (I know - it depends. But generally speaking?)

2. I understand that input/output can be realized over i2s? Is it possible to have four mono inputs and four mono outputs, balanced TRS? I don't want to use any shield but build my own very basic circuits with pro audio ADC/DAC chips, which can be bought for a few €. Some of the solutions I saw seem very complex but from my understanding there should be a way to connect a chip without much other stuff on the circuit(?).

3. With the 8 ins/outs, I assume i can still connect an OLED over i2c and a lot of knobs and buttons, LEDs, midi ports and such, probably with shift registers?

4. Is there any plan of a future version with more RAM? Or another way to implement it? I guess all samples that get heavy treatment (jumping within the file at a very fast rate/jumping though several files) need to be in the RAM. 16mb is a start but at least 64 would be needed down the road.

5. Anybody tried streaming eight samples in stereo from SD in sync? Is it possible?

I know this project seems insane for a beginner. Of course I will with just a midi controller, then add sequencing and I'll be happy just to get that going. However one day I want to create the sampling engine and I want to be sure I've chosen the right platform. Thank you for your help.
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