Electronic stringinstrument 1.0 with teensy 3.6

Hallo all,
my electronic string instrument is almost completed in the 1.0 version. The 5 engine are controlled with a Teensy 3.6. The library PJRC provides for the PWM control is excellent in terms of the acceleration and slowdown of the motors. It allows very fine settings.
The drivers of the motors can be adjusted exactly to these adjustments in the current levels. The circuit for the motor control I have simplified: now all 5 motors are controlled by 1 Teensy 3.6 and powered by the same drivers. This significantly facilitates the pending programming. The library allows extremely slow slider rides and extremely fast rides. The slow rides can realize precise intervals of 1/3-Hertz. The two pickups on the right and left of the string allow a programming / composition to represent different overtone curves over the speakers. The fast movements of the motors can lead to highly rhythmic patterns.

The circuit is still being installed for the pickup and the last final pickup. The electronics of the pickup's were produced in collaboration with Thomas Perizonius. The basis for this is the feasibility study by graduate engineer of elektronic, Ulf Schaedla. After many attempts with different pickup versions, a final pickup with 3000 windings was produced. Thomas Perizonius wrapped the pickups and made the electronic circuits. The final pickup now has 3000 windings and transmits far into the upper frequencies the sound. The associated circuit provides the requirement for this.

The next steps are: Installation of a Teensy 3.2 with Audio-Shield. This analyzes the current pitches in real time.
The instrument was first presented to the public at the night of science of the University of Frankfurt on June 14, 2019. Successful first performance of my new electronic instrument. Many discussions with interested people led. Many were impressed by the manifold possibilities of the instrument.
Image 1: Instrument at the "night of sience" of the University of Frankfurt.
Image 2: Detail of_strings divider and plectrum.
Image 3: Electronic parts with drivers, Teensy 3.6 and power supply.
Hello Paul Stoffregen, when uploading the photos, there were problems. the menu says: cann't upload this images. I try it now again.
Thank you for your reply. Peter 1_night_of_sience_Uni_Frankfurt.jpg,2_Detail_of_strings_divider_and_plectrum.jpg,3_Electronic_Parts_Drivers_Teensy_Power_supply.jpg