"Empty" Audio effects pedal

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Frank B

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I am looking for an empty case for an audio effects pedal with a built in potentiometer. Where can I buy something like that? (Europe favored)
Or, alternatively - how do you build something like that yourself? It should be somewhat robust - the difficult part is, I think, the mechanics of the potentiometer.
You mean like an expression, wah, or volume pedal used with musical instruments?

Search 'wah wah enclosure' but they are pricey and hard to find.

M-Audio EXP1 expression pedal can often be cheaper than an empty case but the room inside is limited.

Dead Cry Baby wah wah pedals are sometimes available but are usually expensive.
Thanks for the tips!
I think there is the right one.

Yes, it should be for a kind of WAH-WAH (but with Teensy)

A Cry Baby would be perfect, but as said, a bit expensive..
You have to add a potmeter yourself with the aliexpress pedal though...
"The notched wheel is not in the right format for the Dunlop potentiometer" according to the comments.

The pedal seems to be quite good, pretty robust.

Not sure what I will do with it.. my initial Idea was to use a Teensy 3.2 (has a PGA) to create e-guitar effects.
In the meantime I lost Interest a bit..

Perhaps I just add add an anlog circuit (a "real" wah-wah) sometime..

Yes, I ordered it and now it sits unused somewhere with the other unused parts.. need to stop that.
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