FastLED + Teensy 4.x + OctoWS2811 for super fast parallel output


Shortly after Teensy 4.x came out I wrote this article describing a way you could use FastLED with the code in OctoWS2811_imxrt.cpp which let you use your comfortable FastLED pixel manipulation, fast color math, etc. etc. etc. while outputting in parallel to WS2811 strips in parallel using DMA from any pin of the Teensy 4.x.

Since then I have not noticed a lot of changes either in FastLED or in the OctoWS2811 library, but my technique still seems to work.

I was about to go update and refresh that article, but I wasn't sure if maybe in the last couple of years while I wasn't paying attention something has changed in FastLED making it no longer necessary to use my technique?
Thank you so much for this article! I am still using FastLED with OctoWS2811 this way and I am super grateful and happy about this guidance. I simply don't know or didn't find other ways in the past. I am glad that everything is working.

However, it would be nice to include this as an example in the Teensyduino. Or a more simple alternative if there should one exist.

I was always a bit confused because a few things seems to be redundant or defined more than once, escpecially the RGB order and speed setting (WS2811_800kHz...). As everything was and is working even in larger projects I didn't dive deeper into it.