FAUST to Audio System Design Tool Object?!


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I love the Teensy Audio System Design tool, and I love FAUST.

Just wondering if there's a way to combine them? It'd be magical to be able to export FAUST code into an object that can be wired up in the Audio System Design Tool showing the appropriate number of inputs and outputs.

Maybe it's already possible? Or maybe I should add it to my 2023 wish-list?
we have this project in the pot, in the video version we used the faust only that there were some memory management issues. The project is waiting to be resumed, hopefully soon!
You might just need to update the gui/index.html file (in the Audio library) to include the Faust objects you're using. Some info here. I haven't tried this with Faust btw but seems like it should work.

Sidenote, I got kinda turned off from using Faust w/ Teensy when I (along with others) couldn't even get the actual tutorial to work (the FaustZita bit from the link StewartG posted above). Don't know if it's since been fixed but not a good look.
In my modified version of the Design tool called Tool++
You can use a special node type called AudioStreamObject in category: special -> userObject
This object can have any amount of inputs/outputs
A more "advanced" variant is to use the Definition manager to create a own custom node type direct in the tool (both kinds are saved in the project json.

Because of cors restrictions the Design tool++ cannot connect to the official Faust IDE, therefore a special version of Faust must be available at the same domain as the Design tool++.
A alternative would be to design and use a browser extension that allows connection between the Tool++ and official Faust IDE