file compilation, download, boot on external flash memory


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Hello everyone,

my research is really struggling to progress due to lack of skills on my part!
(I read a lot on this forum and on Google)
I still managed to connect a W25Q64JVSSIM flash chip to my Teensy 4.0 board. I will order a W25N01GVSFIG to have more space.

But I've been stuck on my project for 4 weeks, if someone can explain to me how:

Compile a program larger than the original memory of the board (the Arduino IDE blocks me since I exceed said original memory)?

How to load the program to the flash memory added to the SPI bus?

How to boot Teensy 4.0 board on added SPI memory?

I really need help, I can't make my PCBs.

my environment is as follows;
Windows 10
The Arduino IDE 2.3.2
Teensyduino 1.59.0
Tennsy 4.0
You can only load programs from the basic flash that comes pre-installed on the Teensy. Extra flash chips are only used to hold data, not code.
thank you for your answer, in this case, I can load a table which contains an image in hex and read it, is that right?