FIR filter with Teensy 4 + audio adapter

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Here is the code, provided without any support - it will require changes. Your correction impulse response needs to be converted to a C array of floats.


  • convolution2.ino
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Hi Jonr,

Just got around to finally sorting out the code, everything is fine apart from the fact it is missing, or can't find biquad.c, any ideas? Perhaps it's something that wasn't usually in the libraries?
Yet again, thank you for providing this!
Hi again Jonr,

I have disabled everything usb-audio and biquad related as well as changing the audio input and output to i2s types, however I am still getting errors and can't for the life of me figure out where they are coming from. I know you have helped me so much already, so I feel bad asking for further help, but I can't find the solution myself. I was hoping that maybe you could look over my code, maybe I commented something I shouldn't have, or I missed something that I should have commented out and haven't. Not sure I'm able to put in attachments so I did a google drive link if you are ok with giving it a look over of course.

Many thanks,
Elliott Dyson
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