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Hello everyone, after a number of tests, thanks to your help I managed to connect my flash chip.
now, could you tell me the methodology of what I can do to load a HEX array into my chip?

Tennsy 4.0
flash: W25Q64JVSSIM TR (mouser)

thank you all for the time you give me.


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simplest route would be to use LittleFS, then load the hex file from a BLE source for example, or via USB with MTP.
You can then use flasherX to flash the hex to the program flash
Hello, after updating the Arduino 2.3.2 IDE as well as Tennsyduino 1.59.0, test the MTP_Tennsy library with the Example_1_MTP_Little.ino script, my Tennsy4.0 card is clearly visible and I now see the Progdisk and the sflash ( for mine 8MB).

now I have to compile my code (6MB)!

I don't really understand FlasherX on how to run it...

How do I compile my code without having alerts blocking me in the Arduino/Teensyduino IDE?

If a kind soul can explain it to me that would be great.



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