Forum switching to new SSL cert


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I'm going to try switching over to Let's Encrypt SSL this evening. If you see warnings about security settings, well, please know it's temporary.

We've historically used Sectigo (formerly Comodo), but the old cert only has a few more weeks until renewal.
It was anything but seamless on the old server. Because vBulletin 4 wasn't compatible with PHP 7.2 and later, we couldn't run any newer system. The Let's Encrypt certbot wouldn't run on older systems. So we had the old manual process of manual CSR and buying certificates. Long ago they used to issue 5 year certs, then only 3 years, and now it seems you can only get 1 year at a time. Or get it automatically for free with certbot, but not with older Linux capable of running the old vBulletin.
Thread search for a short term is not possible?
Example: Try to find if the Teensy 4.1 is mentioned in thread

Search for 4.1 is not possible, get:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common.

So try Teensy 4.1 or 'Teensy 4.1' or "Teensy 4.1" get:
Search results for query: "Teensy 4.1"
The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: 4, 1

However it does do the search and Boldens the 4.1? Unfortunately it won't find posts without the word Teensy.
I'm pretty sure this sort of thing isn't within XenForo's normal search capability.

We paid for XenForo's enhanced search add-on, but so far I haven't put the work into learning how to install and set up Elasticsearch which it requires to function.