Generic Breakout Terminal Block Board for Teensy Help?



I'm pretty new to all of this.

I have a Teensy 3.2 with pins someone gave me a few years ago.

Is there a generic breakout-board with screw-terminals that will work for this, or do I need one specifically made for Teensy 3.2?

The pins will fit into a generic breadboard, which seems to have a standard spacing for just about any sized / width generic component with pins (I think?), so I was wondering if there are generic breakout boards also?

What about this one?
Hi thanks!

I did see that, though it actually costs more I think than the Teensy itself?

I was sort of hoping to not have to solder too much as my eyes are going a bit, so I like the terminal-screw things on that!

I saw inexpensive breakouts for the "ESP 32" board, which got me thinking about how pins/holes are spaced on these things and whether there would be some sort of generic solution out there?
I have a few Arduino Nano breakout board's in use. Handy, but they are high, not nice to put in low enclosure's. A Teensy specific with low height pins for the Teensy would be a bonus and maby with an extra qwirc/stemma connector for i²c.