Gerber file for Teensy 4.1 and Audio Shield


This is the stupidest question I've ever asked on a forum and I'm sorry.

How are you all connecting the Teensy 4.1 to the Audio Shield?

I bought a Teensy, the shield, the USB host cable, and every set of headers PJRC sells. However I'm confused at how they're supposed to connect:

- If I stack the shield on top of the Teensy, the USB host spot is covered
- If I stack the Teensy on the shield, the Teensy's pins are hanging in the air and I can't use those in my breadboard

I see some people putting them in a breadboard and just running a bunch of jumpers, which is one thing I'm looking at.

I also thought about making a simple PCB that basically just has sockets for the Teensy/Shield and is in a form-factor that would let me put it on a breadboard. This seems like it'd be a common idea, so I was wondering if anyone knew if this already existed somewhere? Either as a PCB I can buy or a Gerber that I can use to order one.

Sorry for the newb question. Excited to get playing with this thing though!
I didn't want to inconvenience you and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn how to make my own PCB. I've never been more frustrated in my life, just trying to connect two things in EasyEDA.
In our Teensy SDR project we have developed several iterations of "motherboards" which the Teeny 4.1 and the SGTL5000 audio card are mounted on the PCB side by side. The earliest ones are very basic, the later one larger and lots more connectors meant to make building a radio quicker and supporting a wider array of external controls and IO (encoders, i2c devices, LCD, RTC clock battery). has most all the information. There is a hardware WIKI page with links to the PCB file site, you can search for the variations there.

This is the latest board that fits on the back of a 7" touchscreen
Teensy SDR V2.2 Motherboard - Feb 2023.jpg

This was an earlier version sized to fit onto a 4.3" touchscreen You can see it sandwiched in the middle.
TeensySDR in Hammond 1455N1601-2.jpg

The 4.3" SDR
TeensySDR in Hammond 1455N1601-Front-1.jpg

The PCB were made using EasyEDA and the files are posted om the related PCB site for download. One varitation is such as couple square inches.