Getting a teensy 4.1 DIY board blink an LED

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hello guys

so i build a board with the open source HW of the teensy 4.1 , i dont have the MK2 chip but i have all its pin in a header , and i have the P-switch Pin on a switch that goes form low to high when pushed ,

I tested the power up and every thing seems ok , stable 3.3V , stable 1.2 V ( after i click the the P-switch push button ) , stable quartz oscillation , and it seems the pc detect the board as a HID compliant vendor defined device . Thank god no white smoke .
now thats as far as my knowledgegoes ( I like to designe boards but not programing it) , I thought taking a U2 chip from an old teensy 4.1 will make it work but i didnt , luckly i got myself what it seems a JTAG debugger and since i have every U2 pin exposed i think programming it may work .

I need help in figuring out how to programme the boad and the best approche to do so , I have no software background expect some light arduino and some platform IO knowledge (from using marlin to program some 3D printers ) . for now i would be satisfied with blinking an LED that is connected to GPIO_B0_03 ( D8) .
Will simply wringing a code in arduino IDE compiling it and using the seggar programing tool to upload the .HEX files works?

Is there any tips or trap for young players when using JTAG interface? I think i need to pull JTAG.MUX.MOD to GND right .

Any piece of info will be hepful , if there is a step by step tutorial let me know , and if any one has spare time and want to join me on discord for exmple to make this thing blink i am more than happy .

Thanks .


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