How can we program for changing wav file playback speed with Teensy4.0 + Audio Adaptor Boards?


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I'm tring to make a wav player, can change playback speed with knob.
And I bought Teensy4.0 and Audio Adaptor board(Dev D)
If it possible, I'd like to implement reverse playback too.

I thought the points is sampling rate, FFT or window, etc...
But I cannot found concrete samples.

Is there suitable fillter in "Audio Design System Tool"?
Please let me know how can we program this function.


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Thats a nice looking enclosure. I don't think there is an audio design tool to do speed or reverse playback.
I think you could read the wav file and manipulate the data however you need to to and use the queue tool from the audio design system to send your speeded up or slowed down or reversed data. Someone else here may know how todo it.
Try the search term "rate conversion" for that. Reverse play is going to involve seeking in the wav file and reversing blocks in memory before feeding to the audio chain.

Do you want to play at fixed speeds, or continuously variable? Speed-up or slow-down?