How to add Teensy board to VS Code with Arduino plugin?


I've switched to Microsoft's VSCode as my IDE of choice for my day job (it runs on Windows, it runs on Linux, it handles Node and Docker and integrated Git, perfect), so i've just started using it for Arduino with the Microsoft Arduino plugin, and it all works well, with all the features you would expect from a decent IDE that are sadly lacking in the Arduino IDE.

I've just opened a Teensy project, and noticed that the Teensy boards are not present, event though they are present within the Arduino IDE (installed via Teensyduino).

From within VSCode i can call up an Arduino board manager, but i cant see the Teensy boards, and i cant see how to add them either.

Has anyone managed to add the Teensy boards to VsCode?

I'm not interested in the "Micro Code" plugin, thanks.



It is yes, and i looked through the repo, and here's what i found (in case anyone else looks this up).

Microsoft Visual Code, with the arduino extension, has a fully featured board manager, the same as the Arduino IDE. So you might think it trivial to add the Teensy.

No. PJRC created the Teensyduino installer, not just to drop an updated boards.txt and move some libs and examples into the respective directories, but also to patch the inner workings of the Arduino IDE.

Therefore, even if i did create a Json object with the relevant info for the Teensy boards, and feed that in to the board manager, it would remain un patched by PJRC, and certain features just wouldn't work.

I doubt PJRC has time or inclination to produce a version of Teensyduino that supports MS Code (although it does run on linux, wink wink), and even if he did, i imagine it would open up a raft of, please support <insert IDE of the month here> from the masses.