How to use Atmel Studio 6.2 with Teensy 4.0?

Is it possible to use Atmel Studio 6.2 to program a Teensy 4.0? Ever since Microchip took over Atmel they really don't give much support for anything that isn't a microchip product. Even the atmel chips that used to be. Am I wasting my time trying to do this. It's been a while since I've done any coding, but I'm familiar with Atmel Studio. I know Teensy is an NXP chip, but I thought since it can be programmed with the arduino IDE that was made for Atmel chips, maybe Atmel Studio can be setup to program a Teensy. Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Thanks for any help/suggestions.
Hi Digital Johnson,
I am new in this forum and found your tread which is first a month old and secondly you didn't get any reply.
I am very interested in programming a Teensy (I have got 4.1) with Atmel Studio (I have got 7).
I have a project running on Arduino Uno and I want to speed up with Teensy.
See my detailed thread: Linking Teensyuino object files with Atmel Studio object files
May be we can join to go forward on this.
Rgds Reinhard
Sorry, I probably have not used Atmel Studio in probably a decade, so I have no idea and I am guessing that is true of lots of others that are up here.

I believe at one-point VisualMicro could be installed on Atmal Studio, but a quick look up at their site, I think that they they limit themselves to just AVR like boards.

So if it were me, I would probably try to update the code that I developed on it, to some other IDE or the like. There are several options for this.

There is a user WIKI
that if you look the right hand side of the page, there is a item for compiling & language and uploading, that if you click on this, will show you a list of some of the possible setups.

Sorry again, I know that this is not much of a help.

Good luck
But you wanted to know some weeks ago, how to use Atmel Studio with Teensy.

Are you not interested no more in the topic you opened?
Didn't you follow your question?

Do you program your Teensy in Teensyduino now?
I don't want to do so, I don't like Arduino IDE - it is a blackbox - a config change is not feaseable.
Additional it is slow.
And it creates directories where it wants.
IIRC, the ATMEL studio it handles ATMEL chips only, i.e. AVR, SAM.... Teensy uses NXP processors, I doubt that you can use ATMEL Studio for NXP processors.

I don't like Arduino IDE - it is a blackbox - a config change is not feaseable.
The ATMEL Studio is using a very old version of Microsoft Visual Studio under the hood (version 6?, curent VS version is 22). If you like the underlying VisualStudio IDE, you can give VisualMicro a try. BriComp has a lot of experience with it and you will find some posts on the forum explaining how to use it. I personally use VisualTeensy which uses vsCode as IDE and doesn't do anything behind your back. These days PlatformIO (also using vsCode) seems to be the standard state of the Art IDE for non-Arduino users.
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Sorry for that. You're the developer of Visual Teensy, so I'm not surprised that you work with it too.
If it does so many things better than the Arduino IDE, then I will try it.
Hi Iuni,
the installation of Visual Teensy makes trouble.
First I am not able to install vsCode into c:\program Files\vsCode, where it belongs with the other programs.
To proceed I did the standard folder installation, what I don't like at all.
Now if I start Visual Teensy, VisualTeensy will ask you for an Arduino installation folder as the installation guide told.
There the arduino.exe has the name Arduino IDE.exe. Ok, I copied it and renemd it to Arduino.exe.
Now Visual Teensy misses Teensyduino. But I am sure it is present.
In file/preferences/additional boards manager URLs is
And I can choose the Teensy boards in the board selector.

I want Visual Teensy give a try, but Visual Teensy doesn't want it.
Thank you for help and updating the installation guide.

I forgot to include the exact error message from Visual Teensy:

"Arduino Folder doesn't contain a ./hardware/teensy folder. Looks like Teensyduino is not installed"

If I search for hardware\teensy nothing is found.
A similar path is C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\teensy\hardware
but this doesn't help me.

Can you help please - thank you
Sorry, I didn't update the documentation when the 2.0 IDE came out: Currently it only works with a 1.8.x Arduino installation. It needs to find the compiler and boards.txt which are installed in different places in the 2.x IDE. I'll fix that as soon as I have more time.

First I am not able to install vsCode into c:\program Files\vsCode, where it belongs with the other programs.
instead of the installer you can also download a zip file which you can extract to any folder you like. Make sure to set paths and handled extensions manually in this case. However, I recommend to start with the standard installation and change to custom stuff once you feel familiar with it.
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