HX711 and Teensy 4.1


Hello friends!

I wanted to know if it is possible to read correctly a scale with HX711 and a teensy 4.1.
I have a module that works correctly on arduino, but I can't make it work on teensy, I always read 0. Vsup is 5V and VDD 3.3V, for teensy logic.
Module library return me that module is ready, but always return 0.

Any compatible library or idea?

I've used this library successfully with many Teensies, including LCs, T3.2, T4.0 & T4.1
Is this the same library you are using with the Arduino?

I try with this library, also try with https://github.com/bogde/HX711, but all return 0.

Copy example code:


    float calibrationValue = 696.0;

    unsigned long stabilizingtime = 2000; // preciscion right after power-up can be improved by adding a few seconds of stabilizing time
    boolean _tare = true; //set this to false if you don't want tare to be performed in the next step
    LoadCell.start(stabilizingtime, _tare);
    if (LoadCell.getTareTimeoutFlag()) {
        Serial.println("Timeout, check MCU>HX711 wiring and pin designations");
        while (1);
    } else {
        LoadCell.setCalFactor(calibrationValue); // set calibration value (float)
        Serial.println("Startup is complete");

Show me "Startup is complete", understand that the hx711 chip is well connected, but I don't understand why it doesn't return a value. Any idea?