I soldering my teensy 4.0 and audio shield but it is not still work

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From my last Forum I said problem about audio shield. This page https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/68194-Audio-Shiled-not-working

Now I have soldering my teensy 4.0 and audio shield like this and run same code in that link but it is not still work .

This soldering isn't good. The solder appears to have adhered to only the pins but not the PCB surface.


Here's a quick sketch to try to show what's really happening.


Some of the pins almost certainly aren't connected. The solder is resting just above the metal surface. So close, but not good enough for a reliable circuit.

Before you attempt repair, I'd recommend buying some liquid flux chemical. Look for one that's meant to use with the type of solder you have. Apply the liquid to the surface of the PCB.

Then reheat the solder. But don't apply any more solder, as most of these pins already have a lot and adding more will risk shorting between the pins! Try to touch the tip of your iron so it touches both the pin and the PCB pad. But the most important thing is to leave the iron in contact long enough so all 3 metal parts, the pin, the pad, and the solder, all heat up to the same temperature. If you go too quickly, the pin and solder tend to get hot but the PCB pad stays cold. All metal develop slight oxidation or corrosion. The flux chemical and heat are meant to burn that off the surface, so the solder can adhere to the metal underneath that thin layer of oxide. You need to get the metal surface clean and get all 3 metal parts heated up to the same hot temperature. Always withdraw your solder first and leave the iron in contact for at least half a second (but in this case, probably much longer) so you can be sure all the metal parts got to the same temperature.

As you fix each pin, look for the teardrop shapes of solder above each time to turn into the triangle-like shape. That is your sign the solder really did adhere to both surfaces.

Most importantly, don't be shy about getting all 3 meta parts hot. Equal temperature in all 3 is the critical step, and it takes time for the heat to transfer from your iron to all the metals.
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